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2021 MURSD School Meetings & Minutes

October 4, 2021        Highlights for some agenda topics   
  • Addressing improved communication and transparency  with action item goals

    • Discussion of past sessions about the role of the school committee​, school staff

    • Workshops can be implemented

    • Phil will take the lead 

  • Mrs. Bell, principle at Memorial, showcased success of STMATH and discussed the Bridges platform

  • Please see MURSD Covid-19 dashboard. There are updates every Thursday.

  • As per the state commissioner mask requirements will continue until November 1st

    • There is an 80% vaccination rate requirement for school community mask removal

    • Highschool student vaccination 71% and staff vaccination rate is at 96% 

    • A formal process would need to be developed to determine vaccination status in order to remove mask requirement

    • Middle school 7th (62%) and 8th grade (72%) vaccinated

    • Hosting a vaccine clinic Oct 22 at Nipmuc. People need to register (at least 25 people)​

  • General finance and budget- a lot to unpack. Start listening at 47:40

    • Sean suggested an informational session with Jay so people can better understand the budget process at our schools

    • (Reached out to Jay and SC about putting this session together​)

  • In other business Sean requested attention to the topic of special education. Maureen noted that they developed a rotation of departments and special ed will be apart of that.  Jennifer D'Angelo, director of student services, will be coming to the next school committee meeting on October 18th. 

September 29, 2021

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MURSD Policy Subcommittee and School Committee Meeting Agendas

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September 13, 2021
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