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MURSD Budget FY 2022


Budget Drivers: Staff support (salaries, health insurance, financial planning, professional development, etc), technology, academic tools, facilities, the unexpected.....

Revenue: State funding (Chapter 70)

                 Local funding (property taxes

                 Addition state and fed funding (grants)

Impact of grants on MURSD budget and cuts to make up for the $268,500 shortfall in the FY2022 recertified budget

Mendon Special Town Meeting-passed recertified school budget

August 9, 2021

Mendon stm.png

Mendon Select Board Meeting for MURSD Budget FY 2022
July 22, 2021

Special Meeting of the Regional School Committee July 15, 2021

Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Formula

"Chapter 70 is the Commonwealth's program for ensuring adequate and equitable K–12 education funding. It determines an adequate spending level for each school district (the foundation budget). It then uses each community's property values and residents' incomes to determine how much of the foundation budget should be funded from local property taxes. Chapter 70 state aid pays for the remaining amount."

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